Make Fellows Hardware Community


In partnership with Buni Hub, Victronix Co. Ltd has initiated Make Fellows Community. The community brings together hardware enthusiasts, technical students, technicians and engineers who want to learn by doing and share their knowledge and experiences. Currently the community meets every Saturday from 9:00AM to 11:00AM at Buni Hub, COSTECH building. Here we learn by identifying and trying to solve real existing problems in groups. We research and propose group design, then challenge each other on the design. In doing so, we learn. We finally develop and test our design to get hands on experience.

Most members currently come from electrical/electronics and Software/computer Science fields. We encourage other fields of engineering to join us as every field of engineering nowadays has electronics component. Do not hesitate if you do not have background in electronics. You only have to have an interest in electronics. We are here to learn. You will learn in your group by doing. You will see, listen and participate and hence you will slowly acquire skills. The group members are encouraged to learn by sharing and hands on, but Victronix experienced experts will always be available to make sure nothing is overly hard. You are welcome. Join us on the coming Saturday. Come to learn, come to share, come to network. Visit this group page to get updates on what is currently happening in our community.